Often times while in a classroom, teachers will call themselves by their first names. So, as a result, my first name is common knowledge of the students throughout the school. When students ask me what my first name is, I will quickly reply, ” my first name is “Mister.” This response is often followed by eye rolling, which I find fun to watch.

So, the other day I was greeted in a busy 8th grade hallway by a boy who giggled and said, “hello, Andrew.” This response obviously doesn’t work for me, so I quickly pulled him aside. I told him that using my first name was disrespectful and just a wrong thing to do at school.  He looked remorseful and said he was sorry.

Later in the day I was caught off-guard by the same student. I was working the circulation desk in the Media Library. The boy told me how disappointed in himself he was for being careless and disrespectful. He looked like he stole my wallet and was now giving it back.

This interaction really meant a lot to me. The student went out of his way to apologize and take full responsibility for his actions. I know I will run into correcting students on this same issue for years to come, but the end result of this particular instance will also be remembered for quite a while as well.